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About TeamFrame

About TeamFrame

TeamFrame is a global team of people that help our customers improve portfolio, program and project management outcomes.

We work with project-based organisations to streamline PMO (Project Management Office) activities.

Our mission is to simplify the efficient and reliable delivery of technical and professional services.

We are experienced in structuring environments to manage a large number of projects across multiple portfolios, programs, and customers. TeamFrame works with financial institutions, government agencies, universities, and technology departments.

TeamFrame differs from other consultancies because we focus on delivering innovative, cost effective and practical solutions.

We continually scour the world for new approaches that are working right now to meet today’s project-centric challenges.

We work in environments that range from those with low task variability such as high volume, short duration repeatable projects- like desktop refresh – to longer and more complex high variability and higher risk project profiles.

TeamFrame can help you select and deploy open source, web-based or more conventional software solutions (which may mean a bundle of products from multiple vendors that integrate well).

We can also help you chose and implement project delivery methodologies from a variety of industry standards, frameworks and guidelines.

Our experienced global team is standing by to help – give us a call.

About Crux Cybernetics

TeamFrame the trading name of Crux Cybernetics Pty. Ltd. (A.B.N. 73 086 302 721)

Crux Cybernetics (Crux) was founded in 1995 to sell artificial intelligence software into the financial services sector.

Crux built Australia's first online futures broking portal to allow digital trading when the physical futures exchange closed.

Crux also developed Telstra’s mobile telecommunications network quality management software, again using artificial intelligence and vehicle based monitoring software.

Most recently Crux built and sold the TeamFrame online (web-based) Project Management Office software suite of management tools.


Since 2000 Crux has focused on building software to solve increasingly complex service delivery operational challenges. In 1997 Crux Cybernetics changed its name to Crux Financial Services (CFS) and a new Crux Cybernetics was registered, By 1999 CFS had a staff of 50 and had developed a futures trading platform to provide online trading services once the Sydney Futures Exchange closed its physical floor.

In 2000, after CFS was sold to Ubitrade (France), some CFE staff, systems and customers were transferred to Crux Cybernetics. This included the contract to provide artificial intelligence software to Telstra for mobile network quality monitoring surveys. After 10 years, Crux continues to design, develop and support Telstra's mobile network quality testing platform, a testament to the quality of Crux's software development and customer service abilities.

In 2002 Crux started work on TeamFrame Easy PMO. From inception, TeamFrame was designed as a web accessible tool to connect multiple stakeholders to a work management platform. This work provided the TeamFrame solutions team with a deep insight into project management tools and how they can be used to improve project delivery performance. It also highlighted what did not work and which approaches were not adopted by project delivery practitioners.

Crux's key customer list includes HSBC, Westpac, Telstra, Alcatel-Lucent, Macquarie University, American Express as well as a number of NSW government agencies.

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