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Lean and Six Sigma – ongoing waste and defect reduction

Lean and Six Sigma – ongoing waste and defect reduction

Lean Sigma is the revolutionary fusion of today's most powerful business improvement tools.

Using Lean Sigma, you can harness the power of Lean and Six Sigma in a single, coordinated initiative – and drive rapid, high-impact business improvement throughout your company.

Lean and Six Sigma are widely recognized as the most effective business improvement tools for low task variability environments. But knowing when and why to use them together often creates paralyzing confusion:

How do we use them together? Which goes first? Where do we start? How long will it take? How will we know if we’re getting the right results?

For companies familiar with traditional Six Sigma, you know how time-consuming it can be. Companies familiar with Lean understand that this is an ongoing journey of continuous improvement.

In a project environment, Lean Sigma techniques and concepts can be adapted to provide cutting insights and startling improvements to everyday processes, resulting in better, faster and cheaper delivery cycles.

Lean Sigma compliments and works besides Agile and Critical Chain methods to communicate powerful project delivery principles that help project managers focus on what counts, without taking shortcuts and by applying rigour and discipline in what they do.

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