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Earned ValueEarned Value

Employing the earned value concept allows the management team to monitor activity performance against a detailed time-phased plan. Exceptions to the plan provide a wealth of reliable information, primarily centred on cost and schedule efficiency rates.

Earned Value (EV) is the only project planning and control methodology that integrates project Cost performance; Schedule performance AND Technical performance into a single methodology from which objective measures of project performance are readily available.

These measures include:

  1. Variance metrics and indices (cost and schedule)
  2. Which helps confirm project performance to date; and
  3. Provides guidance into areas for corrective action
  4. Formula based predictors of future performance


The Key Benefit of Earned Value

Comparing plan versus actual costs especially for IT projects is not adequate for accurately establishing, assessing, monitoring and predicting project performance. This financial accounting approach fails to consider the technical achievement (physical progress) realised to date

Typically people implicitly equated the expended costs to progress achieved. This can be very dangerous for IT projects which are usually very people intensive and can often have deliverables which lack direct physical visibility e.g. bespoke software development source code.

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