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Project, Program and Portfolio management is about aligning an ongoing business strategy with the execution of changes to meet objectives.

We have split the participants of project activities into five contexts. This helps us focus on workflows and delivery expectations because each context uses different levels of detail and information content to make decisions.

The Project/Program/Portfolio Management Office (PMO) is responsible, at many levels, for connecting practice to process across a constantly changing population of projects. Practice across the five contexts must be connected to inter-related processes so that transparency and effective communication is achieved across and within each participant group.

The PMO and program or portfolio directors face a number of significant challenges in making effective and timely decisions:

  • Complex sets of data from different business units and software packages
  • Access to timely and accurate status information about programs and projects
  • Constantly changing resource capacity demand and supply
  • Risks to the business benefits realisation from market changes or delivery issues.
These challenges can be overcome by:
  • Consolidating complex sets of data from multiple project types to simplify analysis
  • Using standard workflows that provide program status and trend
  • Centralising and sharing resource information and activity skill demands
  • Faster delivery with transparency and process standardisation .

To successfully manage a multi-project environment TeamFrame can help you ...

  • reduce project consolidation and reporting costs
  • improve financial, benefits and risk management
  • use project scorecard rankings to prioritise funding
  • track compliance to best-practice methodologies
  • improve accuracy and timeliness of status information
  • optimise resource pool management and utilisation
  • simplify project participant communication

We will work with you to overcome project delivery and reporting challenges and build a practical, transparent and effective Project Management Office (PMO).

According to EQuest and the Standish Group, the industry standard for IT Project delivery can be significantly improved:

  • Average time overrun is 63% of projects
  • Average cost overrun is 45% of projects
  • Average scope delivery is 67% of requirements

There are three identified reasons for this:

  1. Most projects are too large - they need to be broken down into smaller more manageable activities
  2. Management practice is flawed - there is too much reliance on command and control with a buffer for error
  3. Practice and process are disconnected - it is difficult to define, apply and constantly improve best practice

Fortunately, statistics show there has been a marked improvement over previous years because of three key factors:-

  • Smaller project size
  • Better tools to monitor project progress
  • Better PM skills using formal processes

The Standish Group recommendations therefore are:

  • Keep requirements to a minimum
  • Use a process for constant communication
  • Use standard infrastructure & an iterative development process
  • Use project management tools

With this in mind, TeamFrame can connect you with industry best practice knowledge. We deliver solutions to your portfolio, program and project delivery challenges.

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