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Customer Tools

Customers interact with managers and delivery teams to monitor and complete scheduled work.

Customers and Project Sponsors are key to achieve successful project outcomes by performing status reviews of delivery and payment milestones and by completing assigned work, issue and action requests. Using Agile, customers are of course fully integrated with the delivery team.

Customer Tasks >> Outcomes

  • Delivery status
  • Review & adjust scope
  • Questions & issues
  • Actions & duties
  • Milestones & deadline monitoring
  • Invoice point identification & tracking

In the olden days, the customer specified the end result and then sat back and waited until the delivery team was ready to work through Customer Acceptance Testing. But that was never the best way to maximise value.

Modern projects stay as closely connected to the customer as possible and consider the customer to be part of the team. Agile is an extreme example of this. A flexible approach to delivering value to the business moves away from a dogmatic dependence of clearly defined volumes of detailed, complete and accurate requirements. Whether the output is demonstrable or not, it is important that customers clearly understand what is being built, and where the challenges lie. Many a challenge has been overcome with much effort and cost, when the challenge could instead have easily have been avoided altogether.

Talk to us about ways to keep the customer embedded in the project – without spending too much valuable time.

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