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Executive Tools

The Executive team supports, leads and is responsible for all project based activity.

The Executive needs to accurately analyse portfolio and program status about progress, financials, risks, issues and benefits to guide strategic alignment, governance and compliance.

Executive Tasks >> Leadership

  • Portfolio & program governance & support
  • Strategic objectives - activity feedback & alignment
  • Financial management and benefits realisation
  • Dashboard, summary and exception reporting

Steering Committee
Steering Committee members typically have a wide range of responsibilities, not just for the projects and programs they govern. They also have a number of strategic and operational duties that make demands on their time.

While overseeing the delivery of strategic outputs is their charter, a high workload can mean that while best efforts are made to attend meetings and focus on issues impacting the project, limited available time often impacts the ability to take appropriate actions. The time constraint can result in “substitute” steering committee members attending meetings, making the flow of information more fragmented than it needs to be, as the substitutes can have non-aligned personal agendas.

TeamFrame works with organisations to develop and refine processes and to deploy tools that reduce the overheads often associated with good portfolio, program and project governance.

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