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Project Delivery Tools

Delivery staff complete work and report on progress and problems.

Project delivery teams need to receive clear work instructions and capture progress, issues, timesheets and expenses in a collaborative team-based work environment.

Delivery Tasks >> Execution

  • Completion of assigned work
  • Notification of progress
  • Issue registration & resolution

At the coal face
Typically the people doing the work on projects need to know what to do, how to do it, and when it needs to be done by. They also need a way of flagging problems that prevent them from achieving their targets. This needs to be done in a very simple way because their key responsibility is to start and complete work on time.

Project resources come from all walks of life. They can be internal staff as well as contactors, consultants and vendors. Sometimes they may not be familiar with the quality and process expectations of the deliverables. It is quite likely they will be involved in multiple projects or activities and have conflicting demands made on their time.

Resources may find it difficult to complete and record work progress using an expected process – the training may have faded and procedures manuals may be hard to find or out of date

This can result in many interpretations of how something should be done, if it has been done, and what to do next – and this is an overhead for the project manager as misunderstandings are cleared up, work is redone, and issues are transferred into issues registers.

For the people doing the actual work (which may include project managers, team leaders, customers, vendors, and governance staff), a “one click” to-do list that reflects the work scheduled for a resource across multiple projects, with accurate start and due dates, time estimates and priorities has been proved to reduce project delivery times and costs.

TeamFrame works with and uses several techniques to connect the delivery team with their schedule of tasks.

According to Project Management World Today (


Small projects can't afford a dedicated project manager, much less a staff of PM support personnel. And trying to run multiple projects limits a shared project manager's focus with each project. This is especially true for organizations without coherent enterprise project prioritization, that is, for almost all the organizations in my industry. As a result, most small-project teams are left to fend for themselves ....... Relying on even a full time project manager to exercise the knowledge, skill and influence needed to handle the myriad issues and decisions in a timely manner is an obsolete notion, one that should have been abandoned along with hierarchical, command-and-control project management structures.



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