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Projects deliver profitable change against constantly evolving challenges.

At any moment each company has different project delivery priorities that reflect internal and external inputs. TeamFrame and its partners can assist organisation to meet their project delivery challenges in a number of areas.

Regain control
TeamFrame and its partners can assist you achieve consistent management of high and low value project activity in a flexible, outcome-centric and dynamic environment. TeamFrame can help you to consolidate business activity and to synchronise these with organisational objectives and processes in a continuous "program of works".

See the lights
Online dashboards and configurable traffic light reports are available from many software vendors, including business intelligence tools that interface to raw data and spreadsheets. Easy to understand, capture and maintain statistics are key to providing instant feedback on how projects are tracking and which need your attention. Real-time and accurate data also helps to spotlight financial profiles, trends, actions, and opportunities for improvement. We can help you to select and set these up.

Strengthen team performance
With the right tools you can also empower "ad-hoc" managers to execute organisational initiatives reliably and with precision using your standard operational service delivery processes. Let us "up-skill" project teams and associated project participants or stakeholders by implementing an easy to learn / easy to use workforce management environment.

Lean delivery
Standardising execution methodology can help you build a catalogues of service delivery workflows to ensure consistent execution of any program of projects. Understanding the concept of “task variability” can help to repeat success across multiple sites, through a "cookie-cutter" approach. And its never really an “either or” situation – nearly every project contains standard components.

Standardisation reduces the risk and cost of achieving desired outcomes by connecting practice and tested (yet flexible) processes. A key concept is being practical while pursuing a quest for excellence that you can replicate – we can help with that.

Milestone management and regular stakeholder updates are essential. TeamFrame and its partners can help you implement processes that track, consolidate and communicate status and progress on a range of business activities. Transparency and measured supportive response is an essential aspect to governance.

Build bridges
Increasingly, companies use external contractors to carry out their 'Services' work. With in-house staff overseeing and monitoring delivery milestones and timelines, there is an even greater need for promoting collaboration, communication, consultation, and co-operation between all parties. You can reduce the incidence and cost of disputes and improve contractor performance with simple management tools that build bridges across organisations. Whether working with off-shore, near-shore, on-shore or just a bunch of providers, we know what works.

Manage risks and issues
An issues register that everyone can access and an approach to risk management that is useful and practical can make a big difference to give you reliable and not ad-hoc successful project, program and portfolio delivery. TeamFrame and its partners has a wealth of experience in designing and deploying solutions that work.

Let's get started
Please contact us for an obligation-free discussion on how your service delivery activity can quickly become more effective and competitive. That's our promise!

Your world-class high performance service delivery workplace is only weeks away.

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