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Optimising the Project Workflow Environment

The purpose of this paper is to discuss how to create an adaptive, collaborative, template-driven project workflow environment that will deliver better project results and meet stricter requirements for the ongoing monitoring of project risks, benefits and outcomes. This paper refers to the PRINCE2 methodology because it is used in many organisations trying to address these crucial issues, but it applies equally to PMBOK, PMI, and ISO 9000 processes and methodologies.

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TeamFrame Optimal Performance whitepaper

 “For the past several years, Gartner has reported that business process improvement is a top three management issue.”

It makes sense; businesses first devolved from hierarchical command and control entities into aggregations of discreet units built around functional tasks in a process called business process re-engineering.

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Better Faster Cheaper - A New BusinessImprovementMethodologyfor DeliveringStandardized,ComplexServices

In the fast-moving world of service delivery, it is sometimes difficult to knowwhere to turn to find efficiencies and improved quality. There are many approachesavailable in today’s business environment. This article provides a new approachfor successfully delivering standardized, complex services reliably in a high-vol-ume, distributed resource environment.

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